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(2011, March 10). Coffee  22 Oct 2020 Passport Reference Format: Euromonitor International. (date, or n.d. for no date). Title. https:// permanent link URL. Passport Reference  Passport (Euromonitor International). Passport Euromonitor is a database specialized in market research, which provides a strategic analysis of industries,   Euromonitor International Passport.

Euromonitor passport citation

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It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. Passport (formerly known as Global Market Information Database, or GMID) is a subscription- based database, one of several market research solutions produced by Euromonitor International (EI). Anyone who has ever read or used SWOT reports in research may have encountered those authored by EI and its legions of analysts, who are located in nearly every corner of the globe. Se hela listan på Summary. The Euromonitor Passport global market research database provides statistics on multiple aspects of cigarettes for a majority of the world's countries.

Passport is Euromonitor International's global market analysis software platform, which analyses the industry in countries around the world.

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Euromonitor International, Tobacco Tactics, updated 27 August 2020, accessed 09 April 2021. Contents.

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Euromonitor passport citation

Retailing in  7 Apr 2021 Although the APA provides clear instructions on how to cite standard Passport. Citing statistics. Euromonitor.

Passport is a database from Euromonitor International and contains information on industries, consumers, and companies related to consumer goods and services. Reports include history and trends, market share, brand share, retail sales data, consumer lifestyles data, and more. Manage your citations and create bibliographies; Euromonitor International. (2011, March 10). Coffee in Canada: Category briefing. Retrieved from Passport GMID database. PMB Print Measurement Bureau.

· In-text citation: Mintel  Passport is the name of Euromonitor International's global market analysis database. You can access Passport via the library's Database List (browse under 'P'  Business. International Relations. Health Sciences. Environment and Public Health.

Euromonitor Pass. Statista och Passport är de två bästa rekommenderade databaserna för statistik. Citing Euromonitor Passport sources is easy: Euromonitor International [this is almost always the author]. (Year, date and month if available.) Report name [in italics].
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Kristiina Lähdesmäki – Sida 6 – HULib News

PolicyMap. Fcc Broadband Deployment Data.

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learn more about Passport by requesting a demo or viewing an online presentation. Passport (Euromonitor International) Passport Euromonitor is a database specialized in market research, which provides a strategic analysis of industries, countries, consumers and companies. It provides an overview of the industry and the economic landscape of more than 200 countries and 1.150 ciites. Passport (GMID) by Euromonitor PC/TAS (CD-ROM) ProQuest Digital Dissertations ReferenceUSA Research Insight (PCs on the library's 2nd floor can access Research Insight) RIA Checkpoint RMA eStatement Studies S&P NetAdvantage SimplyMap Sports Business Research Network SBRnet SRDS Media Planning Platform (Kantar) Tax Management Portfolios Plus Euromonitor's Passport is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys and news on industries, countries and consumers worldwide. The system allows users to build visualizations of the many data sets. Passport can be accessed here and offers: We use cookies to improve the functionality of the site and to ensure you are given the best experience.

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PMB Print Measurement Bureau. Print Measurement Bureau.